Strategies for Overcoming Mediocrity

Date: August 13th

Time: 9:30-11:30am Pacific/Arizona Time

Class is via Zoom

Cost: $15

This Strategies for Overcoming Mediocrity class is for you if you are feeling tired and stuck in your life and don’t know which way to turn. Or maybe the effects of the pandemic over these past couple of years has made you question yourself about where you are in your life and the desire of wanting something different.

Have you been facing some challenges that you are needing some help with, for instance:

  • shifting your mindset
  • increasing your energy
  • getting out of a funk
  • moving out of depression
  • having healthier relationships – including with yourself
  • knowing your purpose

Or just simply having more ease in your life?

Majority of the time when you’re feeling stuck in your life you are living in the negative thinking patterns, limiting beliefs and focusing on:

  • worrying about things you can’t control
  • stressing out about all the things you “have to do”
  • the worst possible outcome so you can be “prepared”
  • fearing the unknown
  • everyone else but yourself

When you change, your life changes!

Strategies for Overcoming Mediocrity will provide you with some tips on  ~~

  • facing adversity and quickly bounce back
  • discovering your truths and understand your purpose
  • stepping into your power and being in control of your life
  • how to put yourself first and ignite your spiritual flame
  • having faith that the Universe is supporting you

We get to choose what we want to allow into our lives!

Attend the Strategies for Overcoming Mediocrity workshop to bring in the loving energy to restore your natural spiritual state and embrace the desire to live life.

Tap into your heart, make a deeper connection and commitment to yourself…and be ready to transform your life! Let’s do this together!

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