Mindful Manifesters Group

  • When: Sunday – Monthly
  • Dates: Aug. 28th & Sep. 25th
  • Time: 9:30 – 11:30am Pacific/Arizona Time
  • Where: 1570 E. Northern Ave., Ste. D-1, Kingman, AZ
  • Self-Investment: $20.00 per class

NOTE: It is not a requirement to attend all the sessions. You can purchase each class individually.

Yes! The topic is about the Law of Attraction!

Mindful Manifesting is about….




~Receiving…..with excitement!

Each month we will come together and get dialed in on your dreams, goals, and desires. This Mindful Manifesters Group gathering will help you:

  • get fine-tuned in what it is you want to attract into your life.
  • have awareness of what you need to focus on to bring your manifestation into fruition.
  • know how to allow and trust the process of co-creating with the Universe.
  • be in a state of joyfully receiving that which you intend to manifest.

The best thing about being a Mindful Manifester is that there are no limits. The Universe has an unlimited amount of abundance. The key is to know how to manifest an abundance of what you WANT instead of what you DON’T WANT.

Unfortunately, we give more of our attention to what it is we don’t want. Why? Because it’s what’s in our face right here right now – in our reality.

If you’re feeling stuck in your life right now, then the first step is to focus on good-feeling thoughts. When you feel good you can attract everything you desire. 

Your intention to feel good sends a message to the Universe and is enough to set the process in motion.

Your dreams are important, and they deserve top-shelf priority! You are worthy and deserving just because you exist!

With this Mindful Manifesters Group, you will be with like-minded people receiving the guidance and support to help you playfully co-create with the Universe that you desire to attract.

And, there’s more momentum with a collective of people holding the vision with you.

Be prepared by having an idea of what you want to manifest. Bring a pen/pencil and paper, and water to stay hydrated.

This  is an IN-PERSON class

With the majority of our community now comfortable with attending events and/or are vaccinated, face masks are now optional to attend our LIVE in-person workshops and classes. Wearing a face mask will be up to each individual person’s choice. If you are comfortable with attending knowing this, then we welcome you with open arms. We are here for everyone, in the way that feels most in alignment for YOU. We do ask and expect that if you are not feeling well, you let us know and we will process one of the following: Credit you for another in-person class, you can attend an online class, or we can give you a refund.

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