Overcoming Mediocrity – Limitless Women

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Overcoming Mediocrity is a project, developed by Christie Ruffino and the Dynamic Professional Women’s Network, Inc., intended to provide women with a powerful platform to share their stories of inspiration, encouragement, and prosperity.

This eleventh book in the series is a unique collection of stories from limitless women who’ve overcome great odds to create their own lives of significance.

These stories are sure to inspire and encourage women of all ages to realize their true potential.

Amie Wade

Amie Wade’s childhood experiences included abandonment, abuse, and molestation. Her experiences contributed to harboring unhealthy emotions of hopelessness and despair, contemplating suicide almost daily, and alcohol addiction. Knowing that she needed to make a change, she chose to shift from blaming others and being a victim to her circumstances, to using her experiences to learn about herself and to take responsibility for how she was showing up in her life. Her story will encourage you to change your perspective about your life, put the healing power in your hands and choose to live a limitless life. It’s a choice!